Monday, 1 February 2016

Game Jam 2016

This past weekend I took part in the Global Game Jam event. For the event, me and a good friend, Christopher Pauley, had 48 hours to create a game.

We are very excited about this game, particularly the ideas and concepts at the heart of the game. Over the next few months we have plans to expand upon our first effort and eventually release the game as a finished product.

The game in its current state is very rough, but I believe the ideas and concepts that we have came up with could really lead to something special.

Check out our game page on the Global Game Jam website here:

Game description from game jam site:
Ghoul Squad is a 2D Platformer with slight puzzle elements created using Gamemaker. The game has four different playable characters, that can be switched out at the press of a button. The player unlocks these characters after every level, and utilize their unique abilities to reach the emblem. Only after each emblem is collected, can all four playable 'Ghouls' enter the final challenge, and free there souls.

Download link to the game and game maker files:

 Here are a few screenshots from the game, as it currently exists:

Intro Screen

Level 1
Level 2

Level 3

Level 4
End Screen

Elemental - University Final Project Report

Download link for PDF